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Instructional Scenarios

“Purchasing a Computer System”

Duty/Concept Area: Exploring Computer Concepts

As a high school junior, you have saved $1,800 to purchase a computer system (hardware, software, and peripherals). Keep in mind that this system will go with you to college!

Big Question: What applications do you use now, and what applications do you anticipate needing in college?

Focused Questions:

  1. What minimum computer specifications are required to run the software applications effectively?
  2. Would a desktop or a laptop computer best meet your needs (now and in the future)? Justify your answer.
  3. What peripheral equipment will you need (e.g., printer, scanner)?
  4. How will you determine if your computer system can be upgraded?
  5. What types of service agreements are available to repair your system?
  6. What compatibility issues might arise based on the system used by your high school and the colleges you are considering?

Project-Based Assessment:

  1. Spreadsheet comparing various computers and peripherals with costs not to exceed $1800 (including tax and shipping)
  2. Short essay describing purchase decisions based on current and future hardware and software needs

“Using Operating Systems”

Duty/Concept Area: Exploring Computer Concepts

You have been working on a year-end sales report for your supervisor, Ms. Jones. She has asked you to transfer the report from your desktop computer to her laptop computer so that she can modify the report.

Big Question: What issues/problems might arise in transferring files from a desktop computer to a laptop?

Focused Questions:

  1. If the file were too large to fit on a high-density floppy diskette, what would be one or more viable options for transferring the file?
  2. If Ms. Jones receives an error message when she attempts to open the file you transferred, what should you do to troubleshoot the problem?
  3. If you receive an urgent call from Ms. Jones indicating that she cannot locate the file you transferred to her laptop computer, how would you help her determine the location of the file?
  4. If Ms. Jones reports that she can open the file but cannot make changes to the document because it is “Read Only,” what would you tell her to do?

Assessment Guidelines:

The “employee” will be able to transfer the report from the desktop to Ms. Jones' laptop computer and troubleshoot the problems that surface.

“Sending Personal E-mail Messages in the Workplace”

Duty/Concept Area: Exploring Ethical Issues Related to Computers and Computer Systems

One afternoon Mrs. Doak, Mary’s supervisor, returned from lunch and noticed an opened e-mail to a friend on Mary’s workstation. In addition, she noticed Mary had used some inappropriate language in her e-mail. Mary was reprimanded and fired from her job.

Big Question: Did Mary’s supervisor take the appropriate action? (Explain your position)

Focused Questions:

  1. Should Mary be sending e-mail messages to her friends during work hours?
  2. Is it ethical for Mary to use the office computer to send personal messages during her lunch break or after work hours?
  3. Since the e-mail was personal, is the inappropriate language ethical or unethical?
  4. Should Mary’s supervisor read Mary’s e-mail messages?

Project-Based Assessment:

A report describing appropriate-use guidelines related to e-mail usage by employees and consequences for inappropriate use for three businesses in your community

“Managing a Home Computer System”

Duty/Concept Area: Managing Computer Systems

Jill and Robert Jones recently purchased a desktop computer for their home. Their two young children, ages four and six, will also be using the computer for educational enrichment. Jill and Robert will manage their family’s finances; create and maintain a database of friends and family; and use the Internet for research, e-mail, and shopping.

Big Question: What decisions must this family make about the location of the computer in their home and management of hardware and software?

Focused Questions:

  1. What needs to be considered when selecting a suitable location for the computer?
  2. What safeguards must the family meet to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the uses of the equipment?
  3. What preventive measures should be considered to
    • block inappropriate Web sites
    • safeguard the hardware and software
    • secure important family files?

Project-Based Assessment:

  1. A layout designed with a drawing program showing the computer location in terms of space, electrical outlets, and safety issues
  2. A short report that includes ways to safeguard hardware and software and identifies programs that have the capability to block undesired Internet sites

“Advertising a New Tanning Salon”

Duty/Concept Area: Producing Word Processing Documents

Wendy has started a new tanning salon. She needs to create her own advertising because her funds are limited. Her skills learned in Word Processing class, in which she created brochures, flyers, and business cards, can prove to be beneficial to this endeavor.

Big Question: What would be the most appropriate methods of advertising to reach the target audience?

Focused Questions:

  1. Who is the target audience?
  2. What types of documents should Wendy produce?
  3. What information would be required in each document?
  4. What enhancements could be added to the documents to make them visually appealing and eye-catching?
  5. Where might Wendy advertise in the community?
  6. How should Wendy distribute materials for advertisement?

Project-Based Assessment:

Three documents using word processing software that can be used to advertise the tanning salon. The documents must include essential information about the business. Special features such as color, graphics, and shading should be incorporated to enhance appeal. The documents must be camera-ready for printing.

“Planning a European Vacation”

Duty/Concept Area: Developing Electronic Spreadsheets

Stephen is planning a four-night, five-day European vacation to France with a budget of $2,500 to cover his airfare, accommodations, food, entertainment, transportation, and miscellaneous expenditures.

Big Question: How can Stephen maximize his available vacation funds?

Focused Questions:

  1. What considerations can be made to reduce the cost of
    • airfare
    • room accommodations
    • meals
    • tours?
  2. To stay within the $2,500 budget, how much money will Stephen have for discretionary spending and shopping?
  3. How will exchange rates affect Stephen's calculation?

Project-Based Assessment:

A spreadsheet displaying anticipated expenditures in each category; create a pie chart showing the distribution of expenditures by category.

“Managing a Database for Sneakers for U

Duty/Concept Area: Developing and Managing Databases

You have been hired by Sneakers for U to set up and maintain a database of the store’s shoe inventory. The manager wants an inventory that shows which shoes are currently in stock so that purchasing decisions can be made.

Big Question: What information should be included in your database to provide the manager with effective information for making purchasing decisions?

Focused Questions:

  1. What software will you use to create the Sneakers for U database?
  2. What fields will you include in your database?
  3. How will you update your database?
  4. What information will you include in your management reports?

Project-Based Assessment:

A database that stores information on all shoes purchased and sold by Sneakers for U. Include fields that are essential to provide product description, ID number, shoes on hand, cost and selling price, brand of shoe, type (e.g., cross trainer, walking, running), and vendors. Add appropriate data that reflects store merchandise. Prepare a report for your manager showing current inventory on hand.

“What Is FBLA All About?”

Duty/Concept Area: Developing Multimedia Presentations

The FBLA Officer team has asked you to assist with creating a presentation to show to all of the Business and Information Technology classes during the FBLA membership drive. The officers have asked you to include information such as “What is FBLA?,” list of officers, list of activities, fundraising projects, and list of state and national winners. You have been challenged to make the presentation exciting and visually appealing as well as informational.

Big Question: How should your presentation be designed to get students excited about joining your local FBLA Chapter?

Focused Questions:

  1. What software will you use to create your multimedia presentation?
  2. What information will you provide your audience about your FBLA Chapter?
  3. What enhancements, graphics, and/or special effects will you include in your presentation?
  4. What method will be used to deliver your presentation?
  5. How will you evaluate the effectiveness of your presentation?

Project-Based Assessment:

A multimedia presentation providing information about the local FBLA chapter including the benefits of membership. The presentation must include essential information as well as an appropriate opening and closing. The presentation should include enhancements (e.g., transitions, animation, sound, graphical elements) and special effects to make it exciting and to hold the interest of audience.

“PAWS League Web Page”

Duty/Concept Area: Communicating through Networks and Telecommunications

Susie is active in the local Dalmatian rescue league. In addition to rescuing dogs, the PAWS League provides medical care and shelter and attempts to find suitable adoptive homes. Susie volunteers to create and publish a Web page to publicize the League’s mission and to showcase dogs for adoption.

Big Question: What Web page design and format will be appropriate to get the word out about the work of the PAWS League?

Focused Questions:

  1. What name should the Web site be given to clearly identify the PAWS League as a Dalmatian rescue league?
  2. What keywords should be used to facilitate an Internet search for this Web site?
  3. What essential information should be included on the Web site (e.g., contact information, membership availability, rules and requirements for adoption)?
  4. What agencies and professional affiliations need to be linked to the site?

Project-Based Assessment:

A Web site for the PAWS League that includes contact information, membership availability, rules and requirements for adoption, description and pictures of available dogs, and appropriate internal and external links. The Web site must attract interest, be easy to navigate, contain relevant graphics/pictures, be appropriately formatted, and be free of errors.