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Describe the process of purchasing a home.


Description should include identifying key steps in the purchase process:
  • Selecting and inspecting the property
  • Signing a contract
  • Securing a down payment
  • Financing the home (e.g., securing a mortgage)
  • Identifying other costs associated with home purchase and ownership
  • Homeowners insurance

Other Related Standards

Economics and Personal Finance Standards of Learning


The student will demonstrate knowledge of planning for living and leisure expenses by
  1. comparing the costs and benefits of purchasing vs. leasing a vehicle;
  2. comparing the advantages and disadvantages of renting vs. purchasing a home;
  3. describing the process of renting housing;
  4. describing the process of purchasing a home;
  5. calculating the cost of utilities, services, maintenance, and other housing expenses; and
  6. evaluating discretionary spending decisions.


The student will demonstrate knowledge of the role of insurance in risk management by
  1. evaluating insurance as a risk management strategy;
  2. distinguishing among the types, costs, and benefits of insurance coverage, including automobile, life, property, health, and professional liability; and
  3. explaining the roles of insurance in financial planning.

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