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Maintain a filing system for personal financial records.


Maintenance of a filing system should include
  • setting up manual and electronic filing systems representing a variety of access criteria (e.g., numerical, chronological, tickler files)
  • indexing, coding, and filing manual and electronic financial records, using numerical, chronological, and/or tickler filing systems
  • retrieving information from files.

Other Related Standards

Economics and Personal Finance Standards of Learning


The student will develop consumer skills by
  1. examining basic economic concepts and their relation to product prices and consumer spending;
  2. examining the effect of supply and demand on wages and prices;
  3. describing the steps in making a purchase decision, including the roles of marginal benefit and marginal cost;
  4. determining the consequences of conspicuous consumption;
  5. describing common types of contracts and the implications of each;
  6. demonstrating comparison-shopping skills;
  7. maintaining a filing system for personal financial records;
  8. examining the impact of advertising and marketing on consumer demand and decision making in the global marketplace;
  9. accessing reliable financial information from a variety of sources;
  10. explaining consumer rights, responsibilities, remedies, and the importance of consumer vigilance; and
  11. examining precautions for protecting identity and other personal information.

FBLA Competitive Events and Activities Areas

Business Financial Plan


Personal Finance