Curriculum Development Assistance

Center staff members can help local CTE program personnel design and update curriculum in several ways:

  • Identifying relevant resources
  • Facilitating occupational research and analysis
  • Training writing teams
  • Reviewing locally developed content
  • Providing graphic design

To learn more about the Center’s curriculum development assistance, contact us at 804-673-3778 or

Curriculum Development Training Videos

In some cases, to save on travel expenses, the Center is conducting curriculum development projects electronically and remotely. The videos below provide instruction on the development process for those participating in such projects.

Welcome to the Curriculum Development Team

Watch this video to understand your role as a member of the curriculum development team. Learn about the people involved, the philosophy that guides our curriculum development, and the step-by-step process.

Writing Task Statements

A simple explanation of strong task/competency statements. Watch this to understand how to write tasks that teachers can easily apply in the classroom and lab.

The Revision Process

This short video explains the next steps for you to follow in preparing to begin your work as part of the curriculum development team.