CanDo: Virginia's Online Competency-Tracking System

The Virginia Department of Education has long required tracking and maintenance of student competency records for all CTE courses. For many years, through the CTE Resource Center, the state has offered Word and Excel templates for this purpose. Since the original pilot program in 2009, Virginia educators have another choice: the web-based CanDo Competency-Tracking System.

CanDo is an application developed for teachers by Arlington County—in association with SchoolTool. Using Virginia’s state-approved task/competency lists, educators can track students’ progress electronically. Administrators have access to real-time scores and reports that satisfy state and federal requirements.

CanDo is built on open source software and can be set up and implemented in any school division, regardless of size. At the direction of the Virginia Department of Education, the CTE Resource Center is available to provide Virginia public school divisions the necessary technical support and training for implementing the CanDo system.

For the 2018-2019 school year, the Virginia Department of Education can confirm that 41 sites have implemented CanDo. This includes entire school divisions, technical centers, and individual schools.

All information needed to research, install, maintain, and train can be found on the following pages:

If you have questions or are interested in using the CanDo system, please contact Glenda Lewis by email, or call 804-673-3778. To stay informed of updates or important information about CanDo, please
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