Experience Works—A Convening of Business Leaders and Educators

Virtual Conference: June 16–17, 2021

Thursday, June 17

4:00–4:45 p.m. — WORKSHOPS — SESSION III

III.1: Virtual Internships: Tech, Training, and Accountability
Travis Manigan, CEO, Gradify Ashton Glenn, Career Pathways Advisor, MeckEd

This presentation will focus on how MeckEd and Gradify collaborated to provide virtual internships through the COVID-19 pandemic. The discussion will go into detail on how the Gradify platform was instrumental in facilitating career exploration, engagement, and accountability for WBL opportunities.

III.2: Start on Success: Developing Successful Work Experiences for Students with Disabilities
Kelly E. Ligon, M.Ed., Research and Demonstration Associate, Center on Transition Innovations and Transition, Rehabilitation Research Training Center (RRTC)
Martin Kurylowski, M.A., CRC, Transition and Education Services Coordinator, Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS)

This session will highlight Start on Success, a WBL program for high school students with disabilities that has been implemented in Virginia since 2014. The presenters will share what makes the program successful, including the application of 21st century skills, the collaboration between special education, career and technical education, and vocational rehabilitation, and strategies to ensure access to and success in work experiences for all students, including those with disabilities.

III.3: Varina High School Cooperative Education Experience
Kimberly Thompson, Department Chair, Business & Marketing, Varina High School, Henrico County Public Schools

This presentation will focus on the cooperative education WBL opportunity and how the experience helps to build relationships between the community and the school that can lead to student employment during high school and post-graduation.

III.4: Helping Students Have Successful Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAEs) (WBL Projects) Using Academic Experience Tracker (AET)
Dr. Roger Hanagriff, Academic Developer of Academic Experience Tracker and Associate Professor, Texas A&M University-Kingsville

This session will cover how students can develop their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) project and the important steps to having a complete set of project records, which are planning and AFNR skills; tracking their experience (journals and finances); and reflecting on results. This session will cover common SAE types and will illustrate how to review SAE work and use AET’s online evaluation tool to provide feedback and suggestions. Finally, the session will end with how your students’ records will populate FFA award applications and help them in that effort.

III.5: From Job Shadowing to Entrepreneurship
Parcilla Salley, Instructional Specialist, Richmond Public Schools
Rhonda Turner, Instructional Specialist, Richmond Public Schools
Allison Hunter, Director of Programs and Operations, Metropolitan Business League

This presentation will discuss the division-wide middle school job shadowing program as the students transition to the high school entrepreneurship program partnered with the Metropolitan Business League. In collaboration with over 25 business and industry partners in the city of Richmond, a unique job shadowing experience has been created for Richmond Public Schools middle school students. In high school, students are given the tools to assist them in becoming confident entrepreneurs through the Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative, led by the Metropolitan Business League.

III.6: Virginia’s Pandemic Recovery: Current Labor Market Conditions and Outlook
Timothy Aylor, Senior Economist, Virginia Employment Commission

As the Commonwealth continues to recover and reopen in 2021, the outlook for Virginia’s labor market has been roiled by the cross-currents of long-term demographic and technological change and the massive workplace disruption from the pandemic. This workshop will present information on current labor market conditions and perspectives on how those conditions could be shaped in coming years.

III.7: Scale Your Career Exploration. A Free, Inspirational, and Easy-to-Implement Tool
John Hall, CEO, Tiggbee LLC
Dr. Tricia Jacobs, Coordinator, Career and Technical Education, Alexandria City Public Schools

Tiggbee is a free innovative online software platform that gets students excited about choosing a career pathway and helps them correlate their studies to their future career choices. Tiggbee offers short (about five-minute) immersive videos that feature individuals passionate about their industry and career opportunities while sharing the needed skill and education requirements. Students experience these video events every week from the third grade until they graduate. Students submit questions throughout the week and receive a video response to their questions the following week.

III.8: Child Labor Requirements in Non-Agricultural Occupations and the Fair Labor Standards Act
Cindy Maish, Community Outreach and Resource Planning Specialist (CORPS), U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division

This session focuses on the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and 29 CFR Part 570 for basic resource materials that govern the application of child labor provisions under the FLSA. Child labor compliance principles, guidance, and child labor resources for the employment of minors under the age of 18 in nonagricultural occupations will be discussed.


4:45 – 5:00 p.m. — Q&A Chat for Session III Workshops