Experience Works—A Convening of Business Leaders and Educators

Virtual Conference: June 16–17, 2021

Wednesday, June 16

3:00–4:00 — Exhibitors Showcase: Learning from Business and Industry Leaders 

Advanced Technology Institute
Mike Ambrose, Director of Admissions
ATI is a career college offering career-focused learning in automotive technology, heavy vehicle/diesel technology, welding, and HVAC. Each program includes opportunities to earn industry-respected certifications in addition to their diploma and/or associate’s degree, increasing the marketability of ATI graduates.

Nathan Douthit, STEM Presenter
ECPI University is based in Virginia Beach and is an educational leader in WBL. ECPI has redefined collegiate programs to give students the greatest possible outcome in the career world. This includes using accelerated schedules (students complete the entire undergraduate program in just two-and-a-half years), hands-on learning, instructors who come from the industries they teach, and offering externships, certification vouchers, career services and free re-audits for life. We have a longstanding reputation of students being successful in their programs and in their fields after graduation! Associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees are available in fields of business, criminal justice, cybersecurity, software development, and engineering technology. To learn more about ECPI University and its commitment to excellence, please visit www.ecpi.edu.

eDynamic Learning
Tyler Wood, M.Ed, Vice President of Marketing & Professional Development
Sam Lucchese, Regional Sales Manager
As educators, we strive to meet the needs of all of our students. As a teacher-founded company, eDynamic Learning is no different. In this workshop, we’ll share how our CTE curriculum allows students to explore new and unique career fields in high-demand industries, make decisions about their future, and earn industry certifications in high school. Our courses are continually reviewed to identify potential bias, stereotypes, and inauthenticity. They pave the way to help students find success whether they go on to college or right into the workforce. Courses offer flexibility to accommodate IEP and 504 plans and offer tools to support EL students and those with reading challenges or disabilities. Courses are also WCAG 2.0 AA compliant (508 requirement) to support students who are hearing or visually impaired and are responsively designed to run on all devices, including smartphones. Learn how the course curriculum is flexible to support your teacher or district-authored content and can be personalized to meet your students’ unique needs.

Teagan Seeley, Senior Implementation Manager
Jenny Nakamura, Senior Director of K-12 Programs
EVERFI delivers free comprehensive and evidence-informed digital resources, so educators can equip students with real-world skills for success beyond the classroom. With 100+ interactive lessons for grades K-12 that are self-paced and standards-aligned, students are informed and empowered to learn about critical issues including financial literacy, social-emotional learning, college and readiness, and equity and inclusion. From addressing career exploration and financial planning to learning résumé/interview skills and how to start your own business, educators implementing EVERFI’s resources learn how technology can empower students to make informed, goal-oriented decisions about their futures and support their post-secondary planning.

Gradify and MeckED
Travis Manigan, CEO, Gradify
Ashton Glenn, Career Pathways Advisor at MeckEd
Postsecondary Preparedness for Gen Z. This presentation will feature a discussion on how MeckEd prepares students to take on internships that will build their momentum to become strong candidates for job opportunities in the post-secondary arena. Mr. Manigan shares key attributes that technical and nontechnical job aspirants will need to work at Gradify.

National Center for College & Career Transitions (NC3T)
Brett Pawlowski, Co-founder and Executive Vice President of the National Center for
College & Career Transitions
Our vision is that “Every learner will have a dream and a plan, and every community will have a capable and ready workforce.” Schools and colleges should help students to develop their personal dreams by exposing them to the myriad opportunities available and giving them the tools to hone in on a unique personal vision that aligns with their talents and interests. Students should also develop career navigation skills so they can act upon practical plans to achieve those dreams. All of this is predicated, of course,
on providing a sound academic foundation as well as a solid set of career and life readiness competencies that will prepare them for successful adulthood. To complement preparation of individuals, we balance our vision with the need for communities to have a capable and ready workforce. This means that job creators are valued and part of the local conversation, so students gain the skills and knowledge needed to grow vibrant local companies and good-paying jobs. This approach leads to healthier, prosperous
communities and greater individual and family well-being.

Virginia Credit Union
Tom Katovsich, Financial Education Manager
Tori Filas, Senior Financial Education Specialist
Virginia Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative that formed in 1928 for state employees. Currently, Virginia Credit Union has over 700 employees in Central Virginia that serve over 315,000 credit union members from all over the Commonwealth. Our operations center and administrative headquarters are located in Chesterfield County and we have branches in the greater Richmond region, Farmville, Fredericksburg, and Charlottesville. Jobs at Virginia Credit Union range from front-line branch and contact center staff to accounting and finance, technology, data management, physical and cyber security, innovation and project management, human resources, marketing, and more. We offer internship opportunities, part-time positions, scholarships, and free educational resources for teachers, including guest speakers and SOL-aligned lesson plans for middle and high school personal finance learning objectives.

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)
Angela Parsley, K-12 Outreach Coordinator
The Virginia Department of Transportation builds, maintains, and operates the state’s roads, bridges, and tunnels. To maintain a highly skilled workforce, the department provides apprenticeships and training programs to employees. The department offers lessons and outreach activities to K-12 students to share what its workers do and gives students a look at real-life applications of the subjects they are learning about.

Virginia Lottery
Kevin Hall, Executive Director, Virginia Lottery
At the Virginia Lottery, we take playing seriously. Fun matters. Excitement matters. And so does the education of Virginia’s youngest residents. It’s the reason we play so enthusiastically. Every time you scratch a ticket or pick your numbers for the big jackpot, you are creating winners in education all over Virginia. All Virginia Lottery profits go to K-12 public education in the Commonwealth. Last year, the lottery contributed more than $595 million to Virginia’s public schools. We’ve also created programs that help increase awareness of our mission, thank Virginia’s public school educators and give us the opportunity to volunteer in the communities in which we have a presence.

Melinda Spivey, Educational Sales Consultant
Explore how VirtualJobShadow.com’s dynamic and comprehensive platform provides an equitable resource for all Virginia students. Relevant and diverse job shadowing and life skills videos get students excited about the world of work, while other tools help students define and design their path to career success and assist educators in tracking student progress. We’ll also explore how VirtualJobShadow.com helps you meet your job shadowing WBL goals.

5:45 – 6:00 p.m. — Q&A Chat for Session I Workshops and Vendors