Technology Education

The courses below include tasks/competencies specific to the subject.

Instructors must add to the course competencies Workplace Readiness Skills for the Commonwealth, All Aspects of an Industry*, and Addressing Elements of Student Life and Exploring Work-Based Learning.

*Middle school courses do not include All Aspects of an Industry.


Course Competency/Task Lists Student Competency Records
8438 Advanced Drawing and Design 
Advanced Energy Transmission and Distribution (NEW)  
8428 Aerospace Engineering (PLTW)  
8487 Aerospace Technology I  
8488 Aerospace Technology II  
AC8479 App Creators (PLTW)  
Applied Engineered Systems in Energy (NEW)  
8437/8492 Architectural Drawing and Design  
AR8476 Automation and Robotics (PLTW)  
8467 Biomedical Engineering  
8468 Biotechnology Foundations in Technology Education  
8430 Civil Engineering and Architecture (PLTW)  
8415/8418 Communication Systems  
8442 Computer Integrated Manufacturing (PLTW)  
8431/8432 Construction Technology  
8499 Cybersecurity in Manufacturing  
8496 Cybersecurity in Manufacturing, Advanced  
DM8476 Design and Modeling (PLTW)  
8440 Digital Electronics (PLTW)  
8459 Digital Visualization  
8416/8417 Electronics Systems I  
8412 Electronics Systems II  
8413 Electronics Systems III  
8448/8495 Energy and Power  
Energy and Power Foundations (NEW)  
EE8479 Energy and the Environment (PLTW)  
Energy Demand: Sustainability and Efficiency (NEW)  
Energy Source Life Cycle (NEW)  
Energy Supply: Sustainability and Efficiency (NEW)  
8451 Engineering Analysis and Applications II  
8452 Engineering Concepts and Processes III  
8443 Engineering Design and Development (PLTW)  
8436/8493 Engineering Drawing and Design  
8450 Engineering Explorations I  
8453 Engineering Practicum IV (REVISED)  
8491 Engineering Studies  
FS8479 Flight and Space (PLTW)  
8409 Forensic Technology  
8400 Game Design and Development  
8401 Game Design and Development, Advanced  
8423 Geospatial Technology I  
8424 Geospatial Technology II  
8419 Global Logistics and Enterprise Systems I  
8422 Global Logistics and Enterprise Systems II  
8458/8494 Graphic Communications Systems  
GA8479 Green Architecture (PLTW)  
8474/8455 Imaging Technology  
IB4585 International Baccalaureate Design Technology I  
IB4586 International Baccalaureate Design Technology II  
Introduction to Energy Transmission and Distribution (NEW)  
8439 Introduction to Engineering Design (PLTW)  
8454/8456/8480/8481/8482/ Introduction to Technology  
8483/8484 8461/8464/8485 Inventions and Innovations 
ME8479 Magic of Electrons (PLTW)  
8425/8426 Manufacturing Systems I (REVISED)  
8427 Manufacturing Systems II, Advanced (REVISED)  
8433/8478 Materials and Processes Technology  
MD8479 Medical Detectives (PLTW)  
8460 Modeling and Simulation Technology  
8444/8445 Power and Transportation 
Power Generation Design and Function (NEW)  
8441 Principles of Engineering (PLTW)  
9811 Principles of Technology I  
9812 Principles of Technology II  
8446/8447 Production Systems  
8408 Renewable Energy  
ST8479 Science of Technology (PLTW)  
8470 Software Engineering (PLTW)  
8473 Software Engineering Essentials (PLTW)  
8414 Sustainability and Renewable Technologies  
8434/8435 Technical Drawing and Design  
8477/8457/8486/8463/8462 Technological Systems  
8406/8407 Technology Assessment (REVISED)  
8471 Technology Education—Development  
8769 Technology Education—Preparation  
8402/8403 Technology Foundations (REVISED)  
8420/8421 Technology of Robotic Design  
8404/8405 Technology Transfer (REVISED)  
8497 Video and Media Technology