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ManageFirst Credentialing Examinations

Credential Source

Name National Restaurant Association
Web Site https://textbooks.restaurant.org/
Contact Information Liz Rice

Steve Henige
818.454.6906 mobile

Credential Contractor

Name Pearson VUE
Contact Information www.pearson.com
800.922.0579 for Customer Service

Test Administration

Test Site School
Can the instructor take this test? Yes
Details https://managefirst.restaurant.org/student/credential.aspx

Pass four Core Credential Topic exams and one Foundation/Elective Topic exam.

ManageFirst Program Core Credential Topics:
  • Controlling Foodservice Costs
  • Hospitality and Restaurant Management
  • Hospitality Human Resources Mgmt and Supervision
  • ServSafe®
ManageFirst Program Foundation Topics:
  • Customer Service
  • Principles of Food and Beverage Management
  • Purchasing
  • Hospitality Accounting
  • Bar and Beverage Management
  • Nutrition
  • Hospitality and Restaurant Marketing
  • ServSafe Alcohol®
Number of Test Items 80
Time Allowed Contact credential source
Passing Score 70%
Cost Contact credential source
Additional Information In order to receive the ManageFirst Professional credential after passing all requisite ManageFirst exams, program participants need to document 800 hours of industry-related work experience.
Accommodations All test takers: Reader or interpreter following ADA guidelines. https://managefirst.restaurant.org/downloads/pdf/Request_Exam_Accom.pdf

English Language Learners: Reader or interpreter. https://managefirst.restaurant.org/downloads/pdf/Request_Exam_Accom.pdf

Possible Preparatory Courses

Standard and Verified Credits
A standard credit is based on a minimum of 140 clock hours of instruction and successful completion of the requirements of the course.

A verified credit is based on a standard credit plus a passing score on the end-of-course SOL test (or other test as described in the Standards of Accreditation 8 VAC 20-131-110.). A standard credit may not be verified more than once.

A student-selected verified credit is a credit for a course that includes a test approved by the Virginia Board of Education. (According to SOA 8 VAC 20-131-110.B, footnote 5: A student may utilize additional tests for earning verified credit in computer science, technology, or other areas as prescribed by the Board in 8 VAC 20-131-110.B.)

Student-Selected Verified Credit in Career and Technical Education
A student must successfully complete

  1. a course or course sequence that prepares him or her to earn a Board-approved credential, and
  2. the assessment required by the certifying or licensing agent.

Criteria for Earning Student-Selected Verified Credit
Student-selected verified credit will be awarded for credential examinations that meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Industry certification or licensure examinations that are approved to satisfy the requirements for the Board of Education’s Career and Technical Education Seal and/or the Board of Education’s Seal of Advanced Mathematics and Technology will satisfy requirements for student-selected verified credits.
  2. Teacher Certification Requirements: For students to be eligible to receive student-selected verified credits, their teacher must be certified by the issuing organization relative to the industry certification or licensure. In the case of a CTE program area where there are potentially multiple certifications, the teacher must be certified in at least one industry certification that is related to the course and/or course sequence. Exception: No teacher certification requirement exists for the award of verified credits to students passing a selected NOCTI assessment or an examination in the Pre-Professional Certification program from the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) related to their CTE program.
  3. A standard credit may not be verified more than once.

One student-selected verified credit will be awarded for passing each certification or licensure examination or occupational competency assessment that meets all of the above criteria if the student earns only one standard unit of credit in the career and technical education concentration or specialization.

Two student-selected verified credits will be awarded for passing each certification or licensure examination or occupational competency assessment that satisfies all of the above criteria if the student

  1. meets the CTE concentration or specialization course requirements for program completer, and
  2. earns at least two standard units of credit in the CTE concentration or specialization.

Diploma Seals
In September 2000, the Board of Education approved criteria for selecting and approving certifications and licenses to satisfy the requirements for the Career and Technical Education Seal and the Advanced Mathematics and Technology Seal.

The examination must be in a CTE field that confers a certification from a recognized industry, trade, or professional association. For the technology requirements of the Board’s Seal of Advanced Mathematics and Technology, students may elect to pass a Board-approved exam that confers college-level credit in a technology or computer science area.

  1. The examination must be standardized and graded independently of the school or school division in which the student is enrolled.
  2. The examination must be knowledge-based.
  3. The examination must be administered on a multi-state or international basis.
  4. The course of study for which the student receives a certification must be designed to prepare the student for an occupation or occupational area or for the college-level credit in an occupation or occupational area.

To earn a Career and Technical Education Seal, a student must

  1. fulfill the requirements for either a standard or advanced studies diploma, and
  2. complete a prescribed sequence of courses in a CTE concentration or specialization, and
  3. maintain a B or better average in CTE courses, or
  4. pass an exam that confers certification from a recognized industry, trade, or professional association or
  5. acquire a professional license in a career and technical field.

Board of Education's Advanced Mathematics & Technology Seal – Awarded to students who earn either a Standard or Advanced Studies Diploma and satisfy all of the mathematics requirements for the Advanced Studies Diploma (four units of credit including Algebra II; two verified units of credit) with a "B" average or better; and either